What are you planning for your next trip? Come to Tiradentes, where you'll find modest treasures and great stories amid beauty, tranquility and nature. Come to Tiradentes to experience fine food, traditional and folk festivities, and cultural events. Dare to dream in Tiradentes and learn that right at the base of the São Jose Mountains lives an important part of our country’s history and there is exuberant nature to be explored around this city.

Pousada Vivenda invites you to spend enjoyable days in Tiradentes in our accommodations. Your stay will be fully and precisely planned and arranged by our excellent team, offering all of the elements that will make all the difference to you. Our goal is that you make yourself at home.


Vivenda (word definition in Portuguese): n., Housing, habitation. Residence, shelter, lodging, domicile and home. Place where one lives.



"Charming, quiet and pleasant hotel. We loved it! It was better than we expected, much better than what we saw on the website." 

Carol e Davi

"I loved the hotel and would like to come back again. I liked the attention and carefulness. Kisses and thank you." 

9-year-old Marina Castro