Prices and Bookings

How to make reservations

Contact us, make reservations in advance and guarantee your stay and a peaceful trip.

1.Check the availability for the chosen period and get further information through the form.

2.We will get back to you and once the reservation is confirmed, we will send a voucher with details of the reservation. All the bookings at our hotel include accepting the conditions and cancelation policies of EMBRATUR as follows below:

3.As soon as the bank deposit receipt is sent – which guarantees your reservation- through fax or e-mail, we will send a confirmation of the booking and the check-in form on line.

Weekend package (2 days)
Double Standard
Double Standard Plus
Double Suites or Chalets
Special rate Sunday to Friday
Double Standard
Double Standard Plus
Double Suites e Chalets

- Prices include breakfast and afternoon tea.

- Children under 3-years-old, with two adults – free of charge.

- The rack rates are not applicable on holidays, events and special celebrations.

Availability query

Click here and check the availability for the desired period and ask your questions through the form.
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Accommodation Conditions

a. The reservations are confirmed by bank deposit or bank transfer of 50% of the total cost of the reservation. One day bookings are also completed by total cost bank deposit. Remaining values and consumed products are paid at check out, by check, credit card or cash.

b. Payment confirmations must be sent by email to or faxed to 55/32-3355-1982 . Your reservation is only confirmed after bank verification. If the deposit is not received after 24 hours from the deposit date, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

c. We will send an email with the reservation validation and check-in form. If you do not receive this email, please contact the hotel.

d. Check-in & Check-out is at 12:00pm and includes breakfast and afternoon tea. Consult availability for late check outs.

e. We have only double or triple rooms. The chosen rooms and number of adults and children must be informed at reservation. Every adjustment after the reservation must be required by fax or email and will depend on availability.

f. We do not accept pets of any kind.

Cancellation Conditions, Early Check-Outs and No-Shows

  1. Cancellation and date change requirements must be sent by e mail or fax, and will not be accepted by telephone;
  2. Booking cancellations received up to 15 days before the opening of the stay will generate a 100% refund, through bank deposit, informed by the client, deducting bank taxes;


III. From 4 to 14 days before the opening stay: 50% refund of the deposit or full deposit converted into accommodation credit, applicable for 60 days after the cancellation date. That credit should be applied following new availability consultation and according to the chosen period prices. That credit will not be accepted on events, weekends in July or in case of a second cancellation or no-show. On event, holiday or special date packages the 50% refund will only occur if other clients rent the room.

IV. Cancellations received only 3 days – 72 hours – before the first day of the reservation or package will be considered no-show, therefore no refund or credit will be applied.

V. If the guest does not show up, without previous information, on the check in date, the room will be available for 24 hours. After that, the reservation will be cancelled and no refund will be applied.

VI. Departures during the reservations imply full payment of the established cost.

Charges may be altered without previous notice.